About Us

UpRiver Consulting

Thank you for visiting UpRiver. We are an association of dedicated professionals focused on the puzzle of human and organizational performance. Our colleagues help individuals, teams, and organizations achieve the greatness they are capable of.

Our team is part of UpRiver’s network of human and social capital. We share and are guided by the principles of sustainability and regeneration. As educators, our teaching philosophy involves a process of exploration and discovery. As professionals, we appreciate and respect the knowledge, experience, and dedication you bring to your work. Our mission is to help you transform these attributes into personal, professional, and organizational capacity, wisdom, and success.

If you’re interested in learning more, or feel called to journey with us, consider this our invitation to join with our team. We are all looking forward to meeting and journeying with you, together.

Neil Kaufman, Ph.D.
UpRiver Founding Director