Adventures, Journeys, & Expeditions

At UpRiver we leverage the power of the natural world to reconnect people and organizations to the source of their inspiration, motivation, and transformation. We specialize in guided adventures, journeys and expeditions that take you out of your comfort zone and challenge you to reach new insights, achievements, and growth.

UpRiver Adventure

The UpRiver Adventure includes a stepwise exploration of the UpRiver program. Accessing the program through an Adventure activity helps you achieve performance improvements while moving at your own pace. The Adventure works well for those who require flexibility, wish to explore the UpRiver program for the first time, or to continue the program after completing an UpRiver Journey or Expedition activity.

UpRiver Journey

The UpRiver Journey includes an in-depth exploration and development of individual, team, or organizational goals and objectives. The journeying process reflects a one-on-one independent study approach to the UpRiver program. The Journey activity includes significant contact hours with your UpRiver team. The objective is to quickly and effectively improve your performance and help build your path to success. The Journey works well for those who are committed and ready to move forward with their life goals and purpose.

UpRiver Expedition

Embarking on an UpRiver Expedition typically involves a multi-day trip along the waterways and riparian corridors of the Rocky Mountain West. The learning activity combines thematic adventure and educational travel with an intensive immersion into the teachings and practices of the UpRiver program. Expedition themes may include fly fishing, horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking, boating, photography, or others. The UpRiver Expedition is highly effective as a culminating experience after completing an UpRiver Adventure or Journey activity. UpRiver Expeditions can be tailored as a development retreat for individuals, teams, or other group activities.


The UpRiver Expedition makes extensive use of professional partners, guides and content experts, equipment suppliers, hospitality, and other service providers. Each Expedition reflects the unique preferences of individual and/or group participants. Once we understand your intentions we can help develop an Expedition plan and budget to satisfy your requirements. Please contact us to discuss your needs in more detail.