Human Capital Development (HCD)

Human Capital Development (HCD) is a modern offshoot of Human Resource Development (HRD). While both HCD and HRD share many attributes, HCD focuses on individual and team performance inputs and outcomes. Where HRD represents generalized knowledge, skills, and abilities, HCD emphasizes economic behavior and valuation. HCD employs a more purposeful set of educational techniques to develop capacity for attaining specific strategic goals.

UpRiver HCD Helps You To:

Identify & Leverage

Identify and leverage foundational values and core strengths for guidance and decision making.

Develop Capacity

Develop capacity to improve performance in areas that are important to you.

Implement & Refine

Implement and refine strategies and techniques for personal and professional growth.

Integrate & Regenerate

Integrate new knowledge and experience to restore, renew, and regenerate personal and professional success.