At UpRiver, we take a holistic approach to human capital and organizational development. We believe that individual and team performance requires an integrated, whole-life management strategy. In human systems, a regenerative approach relies on the belief in renewal, rejuvenation, and sometimes replacement. In our culture, we tend to compartmentalize the major aspects of our lives. Our work is kept separate from our personal lives. Sometimes this is necessary. But too often this separation creates inefficiencies that lead to disconnection and disaffection. The UpRiver program helps you integrate all aspects of your life, work, and personal aspirations by putting the pieces together.


For example, when athletes train they often focus on breaking down the component skills necessary to improve performance. However, what really counts is how the player performs in game situations, where all the skills are brought together. At UpRiver, every day is game day. Training, skills acquisition, and performance improvement happen in real time. Your work, play, education, family, friends are all related and connected. We provide the context for selecting the best tools for making wise decisions and achieving lasting solutions